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Open Teams (Select Baseball)

Town & Country Open/Select Team Application Process

The Town & Country Open Team Program (aka Select) is an extension of the Town & Country Baseball program and intended to offer players an opportunity to play competitive tournament baseball.  As part of the program, all teams are expected to support the T&C Baseball program by active board membership and participation.
T&C Open/Select Teams are approved each season (both Spring/Summer and/or Fall/Winter) by the Executive Baseball Board and are required to register with Town & Country Baseball for each season in which they plan to participate in events. Teams will receive insurance coverage from T&C Optimist Club and are able to secure practice slots throughout the season. 
Team applications for the Spring season will be available in November and due back no later than mid-December.  The Executive Board reviews all applications and award teams by January 2.  Teams must submit an application along with a preliminary roster to be considered (final rosters due no later than February 6.
All approved open teams must conduct at least one player try-out at Town & Country and publish it via the T&C Baseball website. This tryout must occur before March 1.  
Please check the main baseball website for updates to the calendar, including deadlines for registration. Please email one of the commissioners listed below if you have any questions that are not already answered in the "FAQ's" section located on the left side of this site.

Open Team Tryout Dates

Click the link above to view a calendar of open team tryout dates.